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At Touro Property Management, our goal is to be a leader in the property management industry, creating communities where our residents love to live and our employees love to work.

At Touro:

● Our residents love where they live because of our personal touch, inclusivity, and community feel. In order to deliver the best customer service possible, we ensure that our staff are welcoming and personable in all their interactions and are bilingual in English and Spanish. We encourage a strong sense of community by hosting community-building events throughout the year, where residents can get to know their neighbors as well as the Touro team on a more personal level.

● Our employees love where they work because, at Touro, they have a voice. Though we are rapidly growing, we strive to maintain the feel of a small company. Taking an opposite approach from other property management companies where each property is an “island,” we invite collaboration across properties.  We encourage our staff to innovate and share new ideas, which they can see implemented company wide. Knowing that efficiency is key in serving our communities, we make an effort to remove all non-tenant-based tasks from our staff’s day-to-day responsibilities, so they are free to focus their time and energy on what matters most for them and their community: leasing and customer service. 

● Our core values are at the heart of everything we do:



Passion for Excellence




Aligning with the mission of Touro Company, Touro Property Management’s team endeavors to bring the best out of each of Touro’s assets. Our staff uses efficient workflows and ethical practices, to provide exceptional customer service to our residents and effective, timely resolution to maintenance concerns. Beyond this, our team works tirelessly to upgrade, renovate, and refresh Touro’s properties, with the intention of increasing their value as well as improving the lifestyle and experience of their residents and building a thriving community.

Touro builds its team by hand-selecting experienced, talented, hardworking, high achievers with a passion for excellence. We operate with the understanding that our combined efforts will lead to the overall success of each property and, ultimately, the entire company. Maintaining a positive outlook and a can-do spirit is essential to any successful team. Our staff members, from the maintenance team, to the leasing office, to the corporate office, do not shy away from taking a hands-on approach in tackling complex issues and are constantly considering innovative ways to make our practices more effective and streamlined. At the same time, we see our residents as more than merely names on a rent roll, but as individuals whose homes are in our care.

Touro’s clients benefit from an all-inclusive customer experience:

● Property Management

Revenue Management

Expense Control

Full Scale Multi-Family Operations


Employee Improvement Training - Online Education

Online Technical Support

SEO/Online Presence

● Construction Management

Construction Project Management

Capital Needs Assessment

Capital Expense Management

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