Improving communities with results-driven investments.

Improving communities with results-driven investments.

Added Value + Improved Communities = Clear Results

Added Value + Improved Communities = Clear Results

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Touro Company is a boutique commercial real estate firm that focuses on acquiring, owning, improving, and managing large apartment complexes in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Our strategy is founded on two core principles: maximizing investors’ returns and improving the lives of our residents. 


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Niche Market
The Dallas-Fort Worth submarket has consistently been one of the country’s top real estate investing markets with strong economic growth, a growing population, and a high demand for rental housing. With our deep roots and knowledge of this market, we at Touro Company maintain our focus on this region and leverage our seasoned relationships to find and secure qualified assets for our portfolio.

Our focus is to identify real assets that are positioned for revitalization and provide exceptional returns. We are a niche owner and operator in the value-add multifamily space. Every asset in the Touro portfolio goes through a rigorous selection process, which allows for consistent growth and great results for our investors. 

Property Management
Touro Company is vertically integrated; our team of experienced apartment operators look for value not only in the physical aspects of the property, but also from a property management viewpoint. With tried-and-true processes applied throughout the company’s portfolio, we can quickly add value and quality of service simply by having integrated in-house teams that work together to better serve our residents and enhance our operation across all branches of the company: maintenance, leasing, customer service, and construction.

Spotting opportunities for improvement and swiftly executing that vision are some of the core skill sets of our construction team. Our construction team leaders have decades of experience with all aspects of remodeling and rehab, which allows us to maximize efforts while minimizing costs in a streamlined process throughout our portfolio. 

Touro Company uses different kinds of financing based on market conditions and the overall business plan for every asset being purchased. Our portfolio has a combination of long-term agency debt, bank financing, and debt fund bridge financing. Our team is always in tune with changes in the debt market and we extensively vet different financing options for each property we buy. Maximizing investors’ returns while minimizing risk is always at the forefront for us when choosing the proper financing option for each asset.

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Asher Park

Irving, Texas
Touro Company acquired Asher Park in July 2022. Asher Park is a 316-unit community located in Irving, Texas.

Rustic Ridge

Irving, Texas
Touro Company acquired Rustic Ridge in July 2022. Rustic Ridge is a 208-unit community located in Irving, Texas.

Sedona Ranch

Dallas, Texas
Touro Company acquired Sedona Ranch in July 2019. Sedona Ranch is a 253-unit community located in Dallas, Texas.


Touro Property Management provides a boutique experience to Touro Company’s tenants, lenders, and investors alike. Sparing no expense in recruiting experienced, high achievers in property management, accounting, and maintenance, we have built the best team possible to take Touro’s assets to a superior level of performance.

Our goal is not to profit from property management, but to help Touro assets achieve their full potential and beyond. With that goal in mind, Touro Property Management’s staff genuinely prioritize customer service, tenant well-being, and maintenance upkeep, as well as financial performance.


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New to Touro?
Current Touro Investors: